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Entrepreneurs, Find Your Ground

Ticino's Open Corporate Horizon

Investment Opportunities in Ticino

Ticino, with its strategic geographical location and a business-friendly environment, presents a fertile ground for entrepreneurial endeavors. For individuals or businesses considering relocation, understanding the corporate framework is instrumental.

In Switzerland, the process of setting up a company is straightforward and transparent. The predominant types of companies include the Joint-Stock Company (SA) and the Limited Liability Company (Sagl). The SA, with a minimum share capital of 100,000 CHF, provides anonymity for its shareholders, while the Sagl, more suited for small to medium-sized enterprises with a minimum share capital of 20,000 CHF, does not offer such anonymity.

The establishment costs for a Joint-Stock Company (SA) in Ticino are about 3,000 CHF, encompassing notary’s honorarium and registration fees to the Registry of Commerce. On the other hand, setting up a Limited Liability Company (Sagl) costs about 2,000 CHF​​.

The Swiss federal government and the canton of Ticino provide various support services to ease the process of setting up a company. There are consultancy firms and legal experts available to assist in navigating through the administrative procedures and ensuring compliance with the local laws.

The corporate framework in Ticino is designed to be accommodating to both local and foreign entrepreneurs, making the canton an attractive destination for business relocation. With a blend of a favorable tax regime, a well-established financial infrastructure, and access to skilled workforce, Ticino stands as a promising hub for business growth and innovation.

Image by Edson Ugalde
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